We love everything automotive, so we have scoured the web finding everything new that is going on, bringing it to you as soon as it hits the streets! The automotive community is growing every day with the enormous amount of amazing supercars, and those who would die just to get a glimpse of them. We try to bring you the best supercar news so you can keep up on the things you care about. We love covering everything from new supercar arrivals to the best driving roads this world has to offer and more. Join us on our adventure, and get captured by the lifestyle of écurie25.

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Bond, James Bond If you loved the Aston Martin DB10 from Spectre, you were probably disappointed to hear that Aston Martin had no plans to put it into production. Assuming you're one of those people and also happen to be quite well off, we have great news for you. You can actually buy an Aston Martin DB10. Next month, Christie's is hosting a James Bond-themed charity auction. You'll be able to bid on all manner of props from the movie, but the most noteworthy item up for auction—at least in our minds—is one of James Bond's DB10s. Christie's claims it's the only DB10 that's been released for sale to the public and that it includes a plaque signed by Daniel Craig himself. If you want to get in


Magical Sixth Element Everyone loves carbon fiber on cars. It’s lightweight, extremely strong, and most importantly, it looks badass. Carbon fiber has been widely used since 2009 when it started being sought after because of its complex and wide range of use. The global demand on carbon fiber composites was valued at roughly $18.6 billion in 2015, yes we said billion! But enough with the boring statistics, because we are here to look at why you should spend up to $70k on custom made carbon fiber furniture, not to calculate numbers. Carbon Fiber Gear has been raising in popularity greatly, as it should because who doesn’t want a carbon fiber watch, phone case, knife, wallet, and possibly tabl