We love everything automotive, so we have scoured the web finding everything new that is going on, bringing it to you as soon as it hits the streets! The automotive community is growing every day with the enormous amount of amazing supercars, and those who would die just to get a glimpse of them. We try to bring you the best supercar news so you can keep up on the things you care about. We love covering everything from new supercar arrivals to the best driving roads this world has to offer and more. Join us on our adventure, and get captured by the lifestyle of écurie25.

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The European Supercar Tour écurie25 has sourced and put together the most unbelievable calendar of tours and epic events to keep even the most seasoned enthusiast amazed. We have worked together with some of the most luxurious partners across the globe to really take your love of driving and supercars to the next level. In early June 10 incredible supercars hit the road on an epic journey from Munich to Monte Carlo to watch the Monaco Grand Prix. A huge thank you to everyone who made it so special! These are experiences that you can never forget and where the memories will last a lifetime. The pictures speak for themselves, so take a look! If you want to join on of our Epic Driving Tours, ch


8 Supercars Take the Houston Streets écurie25 Redline Rally events are an exclusive opportunity to experience the world’s best supercars, as we take to the streets for a night of excitement! Guests experience multiple supercars in one night, with behind-the-scenes looks at some of the most exclusive places and finest luxury retailers in town. We started as a parade of supercars and enjoy the twists and turns of a handpicked route. Then at each stop, we switched vehicles and continued to the next rally checkpoint in a different supercar. We had so much horsepower roaring down the streets, it didn't seem legal! After all, how many people in the whole world can say they have: copiloted an Audi


How the Hell is this Street Legal? Meet the Aston Martin Valkrie… the bigger, badder, more kick-ass version of the Vulcan. For starters, the Valkyrie isn’t a road car jacked up on F1 power figures, it’s an F1 car with its edges chamfered for the road. This leads us to our first question: How the Hell Is the Aston Martin Valkyrie a Road-Legal Car? Why Valkyrie? The name chosen for the Valkyrie continues the tradition of Aston Martin "V" cars, which began in 1951 with the Vantage, and was selected as a name to distinguish high-performance variants of the then current model, the DB2. The Virage, Vanquish and Vulcan continued this lineage. Crunching the numbers Built around a lightweight carbon