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Don't Imagine, Drive One! 



Step-In, Fire Up and Explore The World That Only a Formula 1 Racecar Can Provide



Developing more than 600 horsepower and weighing less than a quarter of a standard road car, The Formula 1 Grand Prix car will literally be at your fingertips. Fire Up the engine and get ready for a drive of a lifetime. Remember, you will be one of only a limited number of people to experience the thrill, power, and exhilaration of a F1 throttle at your right foot.  

Get Behind the Wheel!



Feel the power, cornering, and braking that only an F1 car can provide. Check out the video to see what you are in for!

Go ahead, be one of the very few to drive a real F1 race car!

Yes You, Behind the Wheel of a Formula 1 Race Car!



The Program 



There is No Other Place on the Planet That Will Give You the Wheel of a Formula 1 Race Car



 We provide the expertise and assets needed to put you in a real Formula 1 race car at Circuit of The Americas. Ever wanted to know what it takes to control and push one of these vehicles to its limit? Seasoned and novice motorsport connoisseurs alike will experience the thrill and adrenaline that our one-of-a-kind program provides. 


With the same heritage and pedigree of a real race team, our experienced and professional staff of drivers, technicians, mechanics, and coaches provide you with a safe and enjoyable atmosphere to pilot your dreams to reality. Our team will outfit you with the know-how and Assistance to once and for all take the lead solo on the lap of a lifetime. Everything is included, from the appropriate race gear, class room instruction, to go-karting and Supercar track time to acclimate yourself to what you have been waiting for.

Step 1: Outfit

Step 2: Learn

Step 3: Practice

Step 4: Drive F1

The Instructors 



Ever Wished That You Had A Formula 1 Driver to Give You Tips and Tricks?...We Have Two!



Simona De Silvestro is a Swiss Formula 1 Driver for the Sauber Formula 1 Team. She has been behind the wheel testing all summer to race in 2015 as one of the only Female F1 Drivers in hostory. She has earned her stripes in the IZOD IndyCar series racking up wins and the nickname "The Iron Maiden"


Simona de Silvestro



Didier Theys is a Belgian Champion of many racing events and series. He has logged some serious time as one of the most successful racers on his way to wins in the Indi 500, Sebring 24 Hours and Monaco. Didier Theys is a serious racecar driver with a rap sheet of wins to prove it. 


Didier Theys



The Track 



It is THE Track in America. The Circuit of The Americas



 Go ahead, be one of the very few to drive a real F1 race car! but how about this bonus...Around the world famous Circuit of The Americas. Noted as one of the most favortied tracks on the F1 Calander by many drivers, this track features the longest overall mileage as well as the most number of turns. Just over 2 minutes of heart pounding excitement as each lap will be a memory for the ages. 





Automatically add a Formula 1 Race Car to Your Collection



Once you have completed the GP Experience, we graciously welcome you to a very elite group of enthusiast and connoisseurs of the paddock lifestyle. Being part of the GP Drivers’ Club means you will have unlimited access to additional F1 privileges and opportunities not seen anywhere else. We are introducing this program for 2015 and will continue to strive to adopt additional programs that are only available to GP Drivers’ Club members and structure the membership fees accordingly.

An intense program available at our U.S. locations as well as Circuit Paul Ricard in France during the Monaco Grand Prix Week. Test days focus specifically on F1 driving with personal coaching, telemetry data, suspension set up and on board cameras for post training sessions. This upgrade program will give you access to Kimi Raikkonen  F1 car. 

Inside Formula 1 



Own a Formula 1 Racecar 



Ever thought of owning your very own F1 car? Our pool of experts are at your service as we help you obtain and manage the ultimate privilage. You can choose from Jaguar, Williams, Jordan or Lotus and all are original chassis. Our Turn-key service offers transportation, engineering and maintenance of your F1 car any place in the world.

Entire Day of F1 Excitement 



We have your itinerary full for this event at Circuit of The Americas. We will welcome you with a special Welcome Dinner held to honor those who will be partaking in this event. We will host with excellence throughout the event where you can expect to take part in some of the best motorsport has to offer. This amazing experience includes:

The All-Day Event Starts and Ends with You



Take Advantage of Hundreds of Millions of Dollars of Research



Take the wheel of a REAL Formula 1 Racecar for $9,995.00. The world's Formula 1 teams spend millions of dollars to field the very best motorsport has to offer and we are giving you the controlls for a fraction of what they spend daily. You will be counted amunst the few who have piloted this caliber of all of history. Make sure to act quickly because the Formula 1 race cars are not the only thing that will be moving fast.  We have included everything in the price: 

What Are You Waiting For?...



- Welcome Dinner

- One Night Hotel Accomidation in a 4-5 Star Resort

- Welcome and Briefing

- High Performance Kart Practice

- Supercar Track Time 

- Lunch and Presentation

- Formula 1x3 Expreeince (2 HOT laps)

- F1 Drive Experience (3 laps)

- Podium Ceremony/Awards



600+Hp F1 Racecar

Championship Chasis

On The Longest F1 Track

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