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With our expansion package, we provide everything you need to get a club opened in your city with fellow enthusiasts at the helm. Not only have we done all the hard work in setting up manuals, systems, business plans and benefits. We will also be there every step of the way to assist with email communication, marketing, advertising and operations of the new club. 




Local Partners will not be left alone. Open an expansion location and we will provide direct support for as long as you require for selecting location, build out assistance, original lead generation and much more. Contact our main Headquarters at 832.726.1940 and ask about franchise opportunities. 




With more than a decade of experience, écurie25 has charted the roadmap to success and is poised for growth and expansion. The club will leverage its success and expand to cities throughout the country.


The United States represents the largest opportunity for growth of the enterprise, as the number of prospective locations is greater than the rest of the world combined. É25 USA has the exclusive license for all branches located within the United States. As part of the world’s largest supercar club, each local branch is afforded immediate credibility and reciprocal benefits that would otherwise be impossible to attain.


Growth will be achieved by raising the necessary capital to launch each branch location within its local market. This provides for a group with local ties in the community to be the foundation for the successful launch of the club.  Each branch will begin with an Operating Partner and a local ownership group that combined will provide the leadership and capital for the business in return for an ownership position in the branch.


É25 USA manages the launch of each branch with a select team of staff utilizing a hands-on approach that provides training, assistance and guidance on every detail related to opening and running the club.  Each aspect of operations has been finely tuned and allows the local branch to operate with a small staff that is focused on membership sales and member satisfaction.


Écurie25 relies significantly on the use of computers and related software to provide the level of service that members expect. The ability to use technology for efficiency and accuracy is one of the keys to success, and a significant investment drove the creation of the tools that enable a branch to launch and sustain a successful enterprise.


Branch locations are provided critical strategic resources when and where they are needed, eliminating the cost of dealing with outsourced vendors or additional employees. Leveraging é25 resources across all branches is highly efficient, allowing branches to focus on membership sales and satisfaction while é25 provides skilled individuals for each respective area.

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