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McLaren 570S

8 Supercars Take the Houston Streets

écurie25 Redline Rally events are an exclusive opportunity to experience the world’s best supercars, as we take to the streets for a night of excitement! Guests experience multiple supercars in one night, with behind-the-scenes looks at some of the most exclusive places and finest luxury retailers in town. We started as a parade of supercars and enjoy the twists and turns of a handpicked route. Then at each stop, we switched vehicles and continued to the next rally checkpoint in a different supercar.

We had so much horsepower roaring down the streets, it didn't seem legal! After all, how many people in the whole world can say they have: copiloted an Audi R8, stirred an Aston Martin, played “el toro” with a Lamborghini, snake charmed a Viper, raced out of the stables in a Ferrari, and been rocketed around in a Porsche?

What a fun night! We will be putting on on more member events throughout this year. Be on the lookout for the next one!

See you on the road,


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