When you think of man's best friend, you might think of a bond between man and his dog… but to others, there is a bond that is even stronger.

I am talking about the one between man and car. It is nothing new, a tale as old as time. Whether new, old, restored, built, bought, or modified a car has a special place in the driver’s heart. There is a symbolic relationship formed between the hands of the driver and the wheel with an equal affection shared between the pedal and the foot of the driver. It may sound crazy, but we all know it's true!

With a love for a car comes the want for accessories. Sure hats, shirts, pens, and model cars are great but what could set your man cave apart from the rest? Look no further we have the perfect thing for you.

In Houston, Texas graphic artist Daryl Thompson is creating a name for himself as one of the best automotive artists around. After working as a graphic artist for the Houston Rockets, he wanted to do something closer to his heart. Daryl started with pen and paper a long time ago as an artist and his love for cars drove him to start sketching cars. When the technology caught up he started digitally creating one of a kind masterpieces for car lovers and owners of their car. His work is downright epic!

He starts by looking at a picture and then free hands the work and colors the car lines one by one until it’s a work of art – then he creates a background that compliments the look and feel of the car perfectly. Because he does it digitally he can show you how he did it in a video start to finish and even create multiple backgrounds after the fact for the customer.

Each of his pieces are customized to the car and no shortcuts are taken. Daryl said each of the pieces takes him from 12-24 hours depending on how intricate the vehicle is. The best part is because they are digital you can blow them up as large as you’d like and print them on photo paper, canvas, or however you’d like to display it.

Check out some of his work below. And to check out all his work and for pricing you can find more here: