We love everything automotive, so we have scoured the web finding everything new that is going on, bringing it to you as soon as it hits the streets! The automotive community is growing every day with the enormous amount of amazing supercars, and those who would die just to get a glimpse of them. We try to bring you the best supercar news so you can keep up on the things you care about. We love covering everything from new supercar arrivals to the best driving roads this world has to offer and more. Join us on our adventure, and get captured by the lifestyle of écurie25.

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They Look Good, and Drive Even Better! What do you do to make membership even more special? You provide members with some of the best supercars! You know the ones everyone wants but can't have. In Houston we have added three new supercars that are three of the best driving cars on the road. These new additions from Britain and Germany are all limited edition and are all so unique in their own way! So enough small chat, here are the piston-pumping statistics: McLaren 675LT Transmission: 7-Speed Dual Clutch Production: 1 of 500 0-60 mph: 2.9 sec Top Speed: 203 mph Power: 675 hp Tier: 5 Review: Amazing. Phenomenal. This is an iconic tribute to the late great McLaren F1 GTR long tail. The 675 L